Child on the shoulders of parent amongst flags of Ukraine and United Kingdom during protest

the story

As Russian forces are driven out of Ukraine, the horrifying stories of what they did after they took control come to light. But the danger still isn’t over for those living in these areas. Up to 160,000 square kilometres of Ukraine is thought to be contaminated by landmines and unexploded ordnance.

Children are often the victims of these mines. Their parents tell them not to go in the areas that are thought to be mined, and children being children do exactly what they are told not to. The results are life-changing or life-ending. 

Parent and child looking at tank in Kyiv

I’m fundraising for MAG, to support their work removing landmines in Ukraine, in the hope that it will contribute to making the return home less dangerous for Ukrainian children. I want to raise £20,000 – enough to remove around 40 landmines and the damage they could cause. All funds raised go to MAG.

the journey

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Ukraine's landmine horror inspires CEO to cycle over 1,000 miles for their removal

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CEO to cycle from London to Ukraine in aid of landmine charity



I can do the distances on the individual days, the question is whether I can do 150km every day for 14 days


I started my training for by doing the Rapha 500. The goal is to ride 500km over Christmas


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the way

I’ll be cycling from London, UK to Lviv, Ukraine. These are the two cities where my colleagues at Cast From Clay work, and colleagues will be joining me for certain parts of the journey. In total it’s a 2,000km ride. I’ll be doing this in 14 days of riding, plus 2 rest days. 

Map of Europe with estimates of where the spots will be


the ride

It costs £500 on average for a landmine to be safely cleared so every pound and dollar counts*.

*All funds raised go to MAG, I will be paying all my equipment, food and accommodation costs.

Join me on the first day from London to Dover (on Fri 28th April) and help promote the ride to increase fundraising. The more the merrier.

About me

My name is Tom Hashemi and I am the CEO of policy communications firm Cast From Clay, with teams in London and Lviv. We help policy experts rethink their role in democracy. We do this in three ways: driving institutional change, shaping conversations with citizens and communities, and by helping experts navigate the fragmented information environment.

Tom Hashemi